Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sublime with Rome

So i just bought the new Sublime With Rome cd and I find myself listening to the cd over and over again. I can honestly say this is one of those records that you will have in your favorites either on your ipod on your phone... Some sick tracks are MURDERA, PANIC, LOVERS ROCK, CAN YOU FEEL IT. I know that this is not Sublime, but its a great band making great music... check it out!


  1. I downloaded that album too but it has not had the opportunity to draw me in and listen to it the way you have. The music is not as catchy as the original sublime and the production on this album needed a lot of help.

  2. production could have been better... but its still a good album... and you cant expect this to sound like sublime, it does have some sublime influence which makes it good.